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S1 Places Allocation Registration Guidelines




1.    Documents required for registration :
(1)  S1 Admission Slip (for school’s record)
(2)  One passport-sized photo
(3)  Original I.D. card with copy (for school’s record) #
(4)  Original P5 & P6 school results with copies (for school’s record)#
# Those who have submitted applications before need not re-submit the above documents items Nos. (3) & (4) again.
2.    Interviews with teachers (both students and parents);
3.    Settlement of miscellaneous charges amounting to $1,147 for 9/2019 to 8/2020;
4.    Placing order for textbooks (may purchase from bookstore on your own alternatively);
5.    Placing order for school uniform (may purchase from the supplier direct on your own alternatively).

*Parents are suggested to set aside about one hour to complete the above registration procedure.


Pre-S1 Attainment Test
Subject:Chinese Language, English Language, Mathematics
Date︰    July 16, 2019 (Tue)
Time︰    8:30am – 12:30pm


Announcement of Class Allocation List
The class list will be posted on the bulletin board at the covered playground on
July 17 to July 19 for parents/students information;
Students may also check out the class list online (relevant details will be given to students in the Pre-S1 Attainment Test).


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