Forming Sister School with Primary and High Schools of Tung Wah Education Group

Our school has formed sister school pair with three schools of Dongguan Tung Wah Education Group, namely Dongguan Tung Wah Primary School, Dongguan Tung Wah Junior High School and Dongguan Tung Wah High School.

On 25th October, Mr. Ip Kwok Him, Chairman of Hon Wah Educational Organization, Ms. Lee Ngan Yee, Director of Administration of Hon Wah Educational Organization, together with Mr. Kwan Wing Bun, Principal, Ms. Au Wai Shan, Vice Principal and Ms. Lau Pui Shan, Executive Officer (General Office) went to the Dongguan City to attend a simple but solemn signing ceremony, while a performance given by the pupils of the Tung Wah Primary School was specially arranged for us.