General information

School Fee

For academic year 2023-2024:
Forms Per Annum Per Month
S1-S5 $18,900 (by 10 instalments) $1,890
S6 $18,900 (by 7 instalments) $2,700
P1-P6 $17,640 (by 10 instalments) $1,764

Class Structure

3 classes each
3 classes each

Medium of Instruction

  1. There are three classes in each form ranging from Secondary One to Secondary Six, English language will be adopted as the medium of instruction for the subject of English Language.
  2. For S1 to S6 Chinese Language, Putonghua is used as the medium of instruction.
  3. Two English classes will be offered in the forms from Secondary One to Secondary Three, while History, Geography, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics will be taught in English, among the two English classes from Secondary One to Secondary Three, one of which (All-English Class) will adopt English as the medium of instruction for all subjects (excluding Chinese Language and Chinese History), and Cantonese will be adopted as the medium of instruction for the other class.
  4. For S4 to S6, two separate learning groups adopting Cantonese and English respectively as the medium of instruction are offered in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History and Geography, while other subjects will only be taught in Cantonese.
  5. Language across curriculum: To enable students adapt to the English learning environment, the S1 Bridging Course contains vocabulary learning, and the relevant audio files will be provided for students’ self-learning.
  6. Besides, students will be given a booklet for classroom use and self-learning. The contents include:
    1. Classroom Language
    2. Language Function
    3. Text Structure
    4. Keywords and Definitions
Medium of instructions: English (E), Chinese (C), Putonghua (P)
English LanguageEEEEEE
Chinese LanguagePPPPPP
Mathematics (Module 2) E/C E/C E/C
Life and SocietyE/C E/C E/C
Citizenship and Social Development E/C E/C E/C
Integrated ScienceE/C E/C
Physics E/C E/C E/C E/C
Chemistry E/C E/C E/C E/C
Biology E/C E/C E/C E/C
Chinese HistoryCCCCCC
Economics CCC
Business, Accounting and Financial Studies CCC
Tourism & Hospitality Studies CCC
Computer LiteracyE/CE/CE/C
Visual ArtsE/CE/CE/CCCC
Music / Art & Sports EducationE/CE/CE/CCCC
Physical EducationE/CE/CE/CCCC


SubjectMedium of Instruction
中文、普通話、 中國經典學習計劃/閱讀課Putonghua
英文、科學、視藝、 小一至小三主題學習課English
數學、常識、體育、音樂、電腦/STEM、 德育及國民教育科、圖書、 小四至小六主題學習課、生活技能課Cantonese