Vision and Mission


"Cherishing the past, present and future, nurturing young leaders, moving with the times and achieving excellence"


Founded in 1945, Hon Wah College, located in Siu Sai Wan, is a new “through-train” school. Hon Wah has served the society of Hong Kong and China for more than 70 years by providing quality education to young people in Hong Kong. Over 10,000 of our graduates are now contributing the knowledge and skills they acquired at Hon Wah to the communities in which they live and work, in Hong Kong, the Mainland and other parts of the world.

Since becoming a school under the Direct Subsidy Scheme in 1991, we have been able to develop at a faster and bigger pace, thanks to the subsidies we receive from the Government. To achieve our mission of providing better education to the younger generation, we have been striving hard to acquire a new site on which to build a new secondary and primary school. We succeeded in obtaining funding from the Government in 2000 to build a new “through-train”school in Siu Sai Wan.

As we enter into the 21st century, the advent of the knowledge-based economy has created many challenges in the world. In response to these, Hong Kong urgently needs to nurture more educated young people. With our commitment to education and adapting to the changing needs of our society, and in order to gain a new niche in the educational system, we have re-oriented our mission and positioning. This is also in accordance with the wishes of all the members of the Hon Wah family.

As a world-class city where East meets West and a bridge between China and the rest of the world, Hong Kong possesses a lot of unique advantages and favourable conditions. However, its economic development also faces great challenges from China, other Asian countries and many other cities around the world. To make full use of advantages, Hong Kong must nurture a younger generation that can make a firm foothold in Hong Kong while interfacing with Mainland China and the rest of the world. This is also Hon Wah’s goal. We wish to nurture a deeper understanding and love for our country in the minds and hearts of our students, while at the same time giving them a broad international perspective. In the process of gaining different learning experiences, they will acquire proficiency in both English and Chinese, as well as a wide-ranging knowledge of both the arts and sciences. In addition, we will cultivate better human qualities within them and enhance their self-study ability, so that they can further develop themselves as they meet the challenges that lie ahead of them. While adhering to our mission, Hon Wah will continue to make efforts to enhance the quality of education. We will work closely together with the community we serve, enthusiastically raise our standards of learning and teaching, and strive for the betterment of China and Hong Kong.


Our mission is to provide quality education to the younger generation, and to enhance the all-round development of our students. We nurture them to become a new generation in the knowledge-based economy of the 21st century, thus enabling them to contribute to Hong Kong, China and the rest of the world.