For the healthy growth of students, S1 through S5 students must eat lunch at school while students can cultivate the friendships among each other and develop a good eating habit as well. Furthermore, students could also have ample time to attend after-class activities. Students may bring their own lunch to school or by parents to send in lunch, or to buy lunch (orders to be made in advance) from our contracted lunch supplier who will, follow the concept of healthy campus being advocated by the school, design a healthy menu for our students after taking the views of the school and dietitians.



  • 小一至小六學生均會於課室用膳
  • 家長可訂購供應商午膳或自備午膳(學生自攜或家長送膳)
  • 如家長送膳,請於上午11:45至下午12:15(星期一至星期四)及中午12:00-下午12:30(星期五)送抵本校校務處門口的餐車上
  • 請在午餐袋上寫上班別(班別前請加上「P」字,如P1A)及姓名,並妥善放在小學部餐車上
  • 本年度的午膳供應由「鮮營餐飲有限公司」負責,供應商每天提供3-4款午膳選擇
  • 供應商午膳飯單將於每月第2個星期五派發,請依照「訂購餐單」內的方法辦理訂購
  • 請勿帶湯水、熱粥,或包含湯的食物,以策安全
  • 請使用安全之器皿盛載食物
  • 自攜午膳/家長送膳的學生請帶備餐墊
  • 學生宜帶備小毛巾、紙巾及充足飲用水
  • 建議學生帶備可循環再用之餐具
  • 學校並不會提供飯盒翻熱服務
  • 為學生健康著學,請家長依衞生署指引,為學生準備五穀類、蔬菜及肉類為3:2:1的飯盒,並符合三低一高的要求(低脂、低糖、低鹽和高纖)