Further Studies and Articulation

Further Studies and Articulation with Local / Mainland / Overseas Institutions

To widen the study pathway for our graduates, we have been putting continuous effort in searching for cooperation opportunities with various tertiary institutes. So far, we have entered into cooperation agreements with many universities/tertiary institutions to enable our students to apply for these institutes with their internal school results.

November 2018 Update : Recent cooperation agreement with Fudan University :
We are delighted to announce that our school has been selected as a trial school for discretionary admission, while one of our students may apply for admission with Principal’s Real-Name Nomination, an interview will be arranged for student after perusal by the admission board and a conditional offer will be granted for a successful interview. However, student is still required to attempt the DSE examination to attain the minimum requirements (4 core subjects : 3322) set by the authorities concerned. Student successfully enrolled in the Fudan University will be awarded the Lee Shau Kee Scholarship, with 30,000 Renminbi (for school fees, accommodation/meal and other miscellaneous charges), and another 20,000 Renminbi (for arranging supervisor, tutors’ fees, research activities, etc.) each year.

Institutes in Australia

We have made agreements with TAFE (Queensland) and Macquarie University so as to let our graduates study the programs of the mentioned institutes.

TAFE is the short form of Technical And Further Education. TAFE is called “Institute of Technology” or “Community College” in most countries. TAFE (Queensland) is located in Queensland, Australia. It consists of campuses in six regions. The institute links with many famous universities in Australia and the students can apply for Year 2 entry for those universities. Our students can apply for the Diploma Programs of TAFE (Queensland), which are equivalent to the programs of Year 1 in university, by using the school results from Hon Wah College.

Macquarie University is located in Sydney, Australia. The university is chosen to be the Top 10 institute in Australia. Our students can apply for the degree Programs, the Diploma Programs or the University Foundations by using the school results from Hon Wah College.

Institutes in Mainland China

We have made agreements with Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Jinan University and Huaqiao University. Our students can apply for the universities by different means.

Tsinghua University is a renowned university in China with over a hundred years of history. The university has 20 schools and 57 departments, with the exceptional performance in the domain of engineering in particular, become the national center for training engineers and scientists with both professional proficiency and personal integrity. Tsinghua is ranked the 24th in the QS World University Rankings 2016-2017 (HKU the 27th), the 34th in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2016-2017 (HKU the 43rd), the 57th in the 2017 US NEWS Best Global Universities Rankings (HKU the 106th), as well as the 1st in the field of engineering, ahead of two famous institutes – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (the 2nd) and UC Berkeley (the 3rd). Recommendation for students with outstanding academic performances in school and other learning experience profiles will be submitted to Tsinghua University for consideration, offers will be granted to selected students after perusal and the subsequent interviews. At present, a quota of 4 is granted to our students each year. For applications submitted during the 2nd term of S5, results will be released in the 1st term of S6. We feel so grateful to be one of the 70 secondary schools in Hong Kong that have been offered the admission quota through recommendation.

Fudan University is a renowned institution in mainland with a history more than a hundred years, being the first higher education institute founded by Chinese people, and one of the “Project 211” and “Project 985” national key universities as well, a comprehensive university comprising 32 faculties, offering 70 professional degrees. Fudan has been ranked the 44th in the QS World University Rankings 2019, ranking the 3rd in China after Tsinghua University and Peking University.

Jinan University, located in Guangzhou, is one of the “Project 211” national key universities. The other national key universities include Peking University and Tsinghua University. There are 25 departments and 89 Undergraduate Programs in Jinan University and the programs are mainly for the students from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Hon Wah College students can apply for studying in Jinan University by the referral of our principal. For those who are admitted to the university successfully, they can apply for the scholarships.

Huaqiao University, located in Xiamen and Quanzhou, Fujian, is a comprehensive university. There are 29 departments and 84 Undergraduate Programs in Huaqiao University and the programs are mainly for the students from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Hon Wah College’s students can apply for studying in Jinan University with school principal nomination.

Institutes in Taiwan

We have made agreements with Tunghai University, Chaoyang University of Technology,I-Shou University and Chang Gung University. Our students can apply for the universities by different means.

Tunghai University located in Taichung, is the first university to establish and introduce General Education in Taiwan. There are 9 colleges and 38 departments in Tunghai. Students in Tunghai may apply exchange programs to study overseas at renowed universities including Temple University (USA), Waseda University (Japan), Peking University (China) or Fudan University (Shanghai). “Dual Degree Program” is also established while recognition and transfer of credits among partner schools in USA, UK or Australia, etc. will apply. Different kinds of study modules (eg. 2+2 or 3+2) are offered for undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Both Tunghai and the partner school will issue the relevant graduation certificates upon completion of studies. Direct recommendation for students can be made by school for admission to different faculties in Tunghai University (excluding College of Fine Arts and Creative Design, however, exceptional consideration will be given for the sake of student’s interest). A quota of 3 is set for this offer for the time being, students may apply during June to July before the release of DSE result, or in the 1st term of S6, while the results will be announced in August or in the latter time of the S6 school term respectively. No more than 10 secondary schools in Hong Kong could enjoy this recommendation quota for admission.

Chaoyang University of Technology, located in Taichung, is a private University of Technology. There are 5 departments and 22 Undergraduate Programs in Chaoyang University of Technology.

I-Shou University, located in Kaohsiang, was found by Mr. I-shou Lin, the chairman of the E United Group. There are about 300 companies linked with the university. There are 8 departments and 40 Undergraduate Programs in the university.

Chang Gung University, located in Taoyuan City, is a private University. There are 3 departments and 18 Undergraduate Programs in the university, with Medicine, Biology and Biochemistry particularly famous.

Local Institutes

We have reached a “Partnership Agreement” with the Hong Kong College of Technology (“HKCT”). According to the “Promotion Guidance Support” and “Priority Admission”, our students will be given conditional offers once they achieve satisfactory performance in the final school examination and the admission interview before applications are invited from the public.

HKCT is a non-profit-making and charitable educational organization. It is located in Ma On Shan, Ho Man Tin and Man Fuk Road respectively. HKCT offers different programs to students, such as Degree Programs, International Baccalaureate Diploma Programs, High Diploma Programs, Profession Diploma Programs and the like.

For more information, please feel free to contact the teachers from the Careers Team.